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What past clients say

Tammy BrooksBoard member, Tyee Housing Co-op

I just wanted to thank you so much for your excellent facilitation of our annual strategic planning meeting. We were nervous about bringing in a paid facilitator, not knowing if it would be worth the money invested, but I think we all agree that it was more than worth it when we look at what we were able to accomplish in the session. I know it was a bit of a stretch to do what we were asking and I was really impressed with how you were able to help us get so much work done in such a short amount of time. You struck just the right balance between pushing us to work hard and supporting us to learn.

I think the real test though is how that work is translating into action and I can say now, a month later, that having clearly defined SMART goals and timelines is already helping us move through some big obstacles and deal with issues that have felt intractable for a long
time. I think we all learned a lot as a board about how to do strategic planning effectively and we would definitely consider bringing you in for future sessions.

Lynda Raino – Board member, Dance Victoria

I went into this planning session with a bit of the same horror in mind.  I thought we were going to go over every single word until all of us agreed, and only then, could we move on to the next word.  To my delight,  it was a wonderful experience.  (Thanks so much Lee!) AND, we got lots done.  Who knew it could be so painless!

Kari McLay – Board member, Dance Victoria

From the personal interviews to the group process – you exhibited admiral skill in your facilitation. Thank you Lee.

Deb Schmitz – Executive Director, Pacific Hepatitis C Network

I want to take a moment to let you know that the entire group appreciated what you brought to the day and how well that served us; very well indeed.

Edna Warwick – Board Member, Restorative Justice Victoria

I will add my thanks and appreciation for your involvement with RJ Victoria. Your offer of support and the samples you provided are most encouraging. We will carry on!

Dr. Andrew McGregor – Senior Lecturer, School of Geography, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand

We employed Development Action to assist in teaching our Masters in Development Studies students about Development Practice. Development Action employed a very professional, friendly and constructive approach. They added immeasurably to the student experience by contributing to course structure, giving presentations, grading work, and providing students with some insightful and candid reflections about working in the development industry. We have an ongoing positive relationship and have been very pleased with the quality of the work provided.

Annie Marenghi – Course Designer, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand

Thank you so much for coming to the ELTO classes for the Development Thinktank and Development workshop. The officials went from feeling completely overwhelmed by (yet another) task with the development proposal to being interested in the topic, motivated and completely able to submit a full outline. I put that down mostly to your assistance. There are lots of comments in their reflective journals about how much they enjoyed the workshop and how the discussion in the classroom helped them to feel confident enough to design a proposal. On behalf of them and all their teachers – thank you!