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Growing Great Organizations

“We enjoyed working with Lee who is meticulous, analytical and insightful.”

– Angela Kwan, Learning Manager, International Organisations at the Commonwealth of Learning

Let's nail down a shared vision and get strategic


Strategic planning isn’t just about putting actions in order, but instead describes how your organization stays relevant in the future.


My role is to create an engaging process that emphasizes participation that let’s people feel heard and respected.


Let’s build evidence that demonstrates your organization’s impact, and let’s protect your organization in the process.

A Swiss Army knife for your complex organization

“I create environments for people to talk strategy, solve problems, and demonstrate their organization’s impact.”

I’ve worked with and alongside hundreds of organizations in a variety of contexts in many different countries.  My specialty is working with organizations that have a social purpose, like non-profits and social enterprises.

In 2010, I helped found Development Action in New Zealand/Aotearoa and then moved the company to Canada in 2012. My work within Development Action has been varied, and has included conducting program evaluations, providing monitoring and evaluation advice to government Ministries, and facilitating many planning sessions. I have advised on dozens of funding applications and community development projects taking place around the world. Lately, most consulting work has had a Victoria BC focus, both with local non-profits, social enterprises, and also BC’s Office of Human Rights Commissioner.

My other work hats include acting as Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, teaching a range of subjects from design thinking to organizational development and social enterprise in a variety of programs both online and in person.

I am also a past co-owner of theDock , a co-working space for social purpose organizations in Victoria, and helped organize Doing Good For Nothing from 2013 to 2020.

What clients say

“You lead us through a very productive evening and day and we made significant process on Dance Victoria’s Strategic Plan. The materials and background work really moved us forward and you kept us on track and brought us, to what I believe, is a thoughtful and exciting conclusion.”

Paul McNair, Board Chair

“I really enjoyed the session yesterday! You did a fantastic job and it was great working with you. We really appreciate all the thought, effort and planning you put into the day.”

Alyne Mochan,
Board Chair

“Thanks so much, Lee, for providing us with such excellent facilitation during our meeting in Victoria. It made all the difference in realizing a very effective strategic planning session.”

Jeff Rice, Coordinator

“I really appreciated your facilitation of the High Trust Contract workshop and your engagement with both the Ministry of Social Development staff and our NGO partners.”

Becky Lasenby, National Contract Manager,
Family and Community Services

Let's connect and work together for your organization