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making the right space

It’s all about creating the right environment for dialogue

Before designing a process, I’ll sit down with you to understand your organization’s needs and what you want to achieve by holding a facilitated session.

A lot of thought goes into creating a facilitated process. During this planning stage, I’ll share draft plans with you to make sure they’re on track.

Last, we will determine the best place to hold our sessions.  Online, in person, a mix of both – let’s work out what suits your logistics and budget.

Building capacity and dealing with tensions

The person holding space has a lot of power.  This needs to be handled carefully, and with flexibility in mind.

For example, sometimes it’s better to have you or someone else from your organization facilitate sections.  This can help address issues of people or departments feeling unheard.  Other times, it’s better to have an objective outsider holding space.

Even organizations with limited hierarchy have to deal with differences in power. Being able to deftly honour and create space for those differences takes skill.

My goal is to create room for all views, with an aim to build a shared understanding of important decisions.  We might not always achieve consensus, but at least people will understand the thinking that underpinned a strategic decision.  This should improve “buy-in” and reduce implementation friction.

Action and dialogue

Talking is great – but so is action!  Where possible, I’ll enhance discussions with simple tools that help get everyone involved, and leave you with something useful that sums up our discussion.

Let’s connect

Send me an email and let’s explore how facilitation can help.